Quality that convinces - from manufacture up to delivery.

For more than a hundred years, Eichetti has been well known for their DELIGHTFULLY COOL SWEETS. Starting with the “Eistörtchen” ice chocolate confectionery created by Eichetti  in 1927, which have been a favorite with big and small gourmets for generations, the company continuously developed their range of tasty, high-quality confectioneries; today, they not only offer ice confectionery but a great variety of delightful confectionery treats.

The tender surprise of the cool melt-in-your-mouth feeling fascinates till this day. The secret behind it: Selected natural ingredients, and the clever utilization of the high melting heat of pure vegetable fat. By means of a careful selection of choice raw materials, meticulous preparation, and constant inspections and controls we ensure that all our products meet the high quality standards. Compliance with the current hygiene regulations (HACCP concept) is a matter of course for us. The highest possible degree of product safety in accordance with our quality policy is furthermore guaranteed by product-related analyses and our state-of-the-art plant technology. All the above are proof of the continuously positive development our company has taken.

Eichetti is active in the German and European confectionery and food  trade. With a high export quota of more than 40%, Eichetti is furthermore present on all global markets, confirming the international claim and recognition of their product range. Thanks to their high degree of flexibility, Eichetti is able to manufacture individual batches to specific specifications, for example in accordance with our recognized  Kosher Certificate. 12 trade agencies in Germany ensure that the Eichetti product range will reliably be found on the shelves in all key sectors.

The extensive Eichetti product line, comprising not only a variety of confectionery specialties but also our well-loved MR. BLUBBER fizzy sweets and the popular Crispy range with a number of different wafer treats, presents an extensive all-year program. It offers an attractive, comprehensive selection for the specialized trade and for future-oriented impulse markets such as kiosks and gas stations, as well as for the catering sector.

Constantly superior reliability, quality, and flexibility will continue to be key components of the demands we make in ourselves. This guarantees that our business partners and the consumers will always enjoy the well-established Eichetti quality.

We hope that you will get pleasure from your tour through the individual Eichetti product ranges. Eichetti sweetens & refreshes the world….